To the editor,

Counted amongst the many, many things that I cannot now understand is: “Why do lots of our indigent neighbors support Donald Trump?” And that question was recently revisited, between my ears, upon listening an interview of Professor Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel laureate in economics, who now teaches at Columbia University.

He’d dropped out of sight recently, but I dredged up a letter that I wrote in the early days of Trump’s presidency. At a time when our stable, genius president got a federally-issued, $100 check into the hands of each American adult. And two of them were then called onto to his stage – at a “post-election rally” – to express their appreciation for our dear leader’s kindness and concern.

One noted that his wife and he were “thinking about adding a room to their house,” and another noted that “he could now afford to send his son to college!”

And, in my letter, I mentioned President “W,” who, unlike his dad 20 years earlier, was being steadfast in keeping his campaign promise not to raise taxes, even in the face of conducting unfunded military adventures in the Middle East. Whereupon, in an interview at that time, Professor Stiglitz laid out his reason – just one! – for our then-rapidly-exploding national debt during W’s term, thus: “Since the mid-’50s, our nation's wealthiest citizens have not paid their fair share of taxes.” Saying absolutely nothing about the unfunded military adventurism of that day! Which, in turn, then inspired me to get real literary-like.

“I now think of a rewrite of Steinbeck's novella, “Of Mice and Men,” with a typical, financially-strapped supporter of President Trump taking on the role of (the character) Lennie, ‘a man of tremendous size, with the mind of a young child.’ Who would implore George (Mr. Trump), his comforter and protector, to: ‘Please! – tell me again about that farm we'll own. Please! What will it be like? Where we'll live together! With all the beautiful animals. In that big farmhouse, and the rooms, and the food, and the living. On that farm, where we'll both live!

‘And please tell me about our airports and roads, and how they will be made great again. All made possible by cutting taxes! And please tell me, once more, about our beautiful America!’”

At which time, of course, their comforter and protector, George, has continued to comply, delighting in reminding his Lennies of that beautiful day to come. An encouragement that, unto this very day, their George continues to provide! All thanks to them steep tax cuts and rebates … what benefit mostly the poor! Allowing them to add rooms to their houses. And send their progeny to college.

Dick Behling

Cottage Grove

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