With all lots in the fourth addition of Westlawn Estates sold, Homburg Equipment is looking ahead to beginning work on the fifth addition.

The first phase of the fifth addition will encompass 47 acres and about 100 lots, Andrew Homburg said. A 20-acre park will be located centrally in the subdivision with connectivity to the northern Monona Grove School District site that may be athletic fields.

The preliminary plat was approved by the Cottage Grove Plan Commission and Cottage Grove Village Board in August.

“The plan has progressed as expected,” Homburg said of Westlawn Estates.

He said that as of Jan. 1, the value of properties in the fourth addition is in excess of $28.5 million, and when the final lots are fully developed, he expects the value to be about $35 million.

“The next 100 lots we’re asking to move into, I see no reason we can’t be north of $40 million in added value to the community and provide home sites and another great neighborhood,” he said.

The fifth addition is at the north end of Damascus Trail, north of Red Hawk Trail and Thrush Lane.

In a meeting with neighbors earlier in the summer, several Town of Cottage Grove residents said they did not want Nightingale Lane, Thrush Lane or Meadowlark Street to connect to roads in the fifth addition. Town officials agreed and have said they will not grant permits to connect the roads.

Brian Grady, a Pheasant Run resident, expressed concerns with the lack of connections to existing town roads.

“Let’s keep it simple. Let’s connect them all,” he said.

Brian Rathgeber, a Damascus Trail resident was also concerned with no road connections, noting that without them or roads that connect to Gaston Road or Buss Road, all traffic, including construction vehicles, would have to travel along Damascus Trail.

He also noted the fourth addition of 41 acres has brought another 84 homes to the area, and Damascus Trail is also the only entrance road for Glacial Drumlin School, which leads to a significant amount of traffic on the road.

He urged the village board to deny Homburg’s request to build until roads are built to connect to Gaston Road and Buss Road to alleviate traffic along Damascus Trail.

“Putting all this traffic on the same street as our children trying to get to school is not acceptable,” he said.

Village Attorney Lee Boushea said it’s not the village’s fault the roads won’t be connected.

“I would urge you to direct some focus at the town board. They are the ones who are holding up these connections. It’s as simple as that,” he said. “It’s not that the village board is not concerned about safety or any such thing. Direct that frustration where it ought to be. Direct your passion to the town and get them to change that position.”

A small park will be part of this first phase, but a planned 20-acre park will be to the west, in the next phase.

Jennifer Pickel, a member of the plan commission, said there have been talks about the larger park for some time and she is disappointed it is being pushed back. Rathgeber expressed similar concerns.

“We’ve worked real hard to build this system. It’s nobody’s fault. It takes time to build things,” Homburg said. “To go from the southeast corner of this plat to the northwest corner of this plat (fourth addition) took us five years. It gives us a little time to figure out what we want to build there.”

He said the delay in building the large park could serve as a reason to accelerate the development of smaller parks and areas around ponds in this first phase.

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