BCycle, Schluter

Electric bike stations, installed through Madison BCycle, are officially ready for use at Monona’s Schluter Park.

Electric bike stations have officially been unveiled at Schluter Park and Grand Crossing Park in Monona.

The stations, provided through Madison-based bike share program BCycle, were unveiled last Friday, where city council members and parks employees joined Monona Mayor Mary O’Connor at Schluter Park for an official ceremony.

“This is an exciting day,” O’Connor said. “We’ve been working on getting BCycle stations in Monona for two and a half or three years now, so I’m really glad to see it’s finally happening.”

BCycle stations were initially planned for installation at Grand Crossing in 2019, but the project was put on hold due to budgetary and time constraints, city personnel said.

Through leftover funds from the city’s capital fund balance, council members voted at a meeting last month to approve the installation of the BCycle stations with a contract that will go for three years and cost the city approximately $22,500.

Six bike docks are available at Schluter Park, with 12 more ready for use at Grand Crossing Park. A standard pass comes with a cost of $5 per 30 minutes, though riders can also get an unlimited day pass for $15.

Using a mobile app or the provided kiosk, riders can purchase a pass electronically before choosing a bike. Once a pass has timed out, bikes can be returned to the closest available BCycle dock.

Parks and Recreation Director Jacob Anderson said he’s hopeful the new transportation system will solve some unmet needs for residents who live in Monona but work in Madison.

“We’re really excited to have this opportunity for our residents. I think it really provides an alternative transportation option for people, especially for people who live in Monona that work downtown,” Anderson said. “Having that experience of being able to walk down to Schluter or Grand Crossing and experience some of our trails, the Madison area, and downtown is going to be a huge benefit to some of our residents.”

BCycle General Manager Helen Bradley agreed, saying BCycle is eager to plant new roots in Monona.

“We’re really excited about this addition here and we’re hoping we can really show Monona residents and those visiting Monona how sustainable transportation can positively impact the community,” said Bradley. “We’re excited to bring new life to the Lake Loop and hope to see more network expansion as the years go by.”

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