A student at Glacial Drumlin School was taken into police custody after a social media app was used in making a threat against the school.

In a letter to families, principal Kris Langer said a Snapchat post included a photo of weapons and a threat to the school. No date, and no student or staff names were included in the post. A parent who was made aware of the post contacted school administrators, who alerted police. On Saturday, Oct. 19, the student was in police custody, she said.

Langer said the student would not be allowed back on school grounds during a district investigation.

Katy Byrnes Kaiser, director of communications and community engagement for the district, said rules prohibit the district from providing information that would identify the student or the disciplinary measures that could be taken.

“The district will follow the procedures as outlined in our policies regarding student conduct,” she said.

Langer said there have been no other incidents, and officials do not believe there is any danger to students or staff.

“As with anything on social media and specifically Snapchat, we have no way of knowing how many students saw the snap, or have since heard about it,” she wrote in her letter to families. “Students may have questions about what they heard, what they saw, or what friends and classmates may have talked about with them.”

She provided recommended steps for parents to use in talking to their children about the incident.

– Talk with the child about his or her feelings about what happened. Parent should share their feelings, too.

– Talk about what happened; give the child information he or she can understand.

– Reassure the child that they are safe.

– Listen and comfort the child often.

Student services staff is available for children who may need additional support.

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