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Commerce Park in Cottage Grove is thriving with the recent addition of several new businesses, including Summit Credit Union, Oakstone Recreational Facility, bb Jacks, The Soul’s Song and Jimmy John’s. More projects are expected to materialize in the next few months.

Commercial development has been at the forefront for Cottage Grove officials the past couple years, extending a period of growth that kicked off around 2011. To a lesser extent, that growth also includes residential development.

“Over the past eight years, the village experienced about $200 million in equalized value growth, which is a pretty decent size growth. That was 35 percent growth from 2011 to today,” said Matt Giese, village administrator. “Given the current path forward, especially with these new TIDs (tax incremental districts), I think it’s a reasonable goal to expect an additional $200 million, but this time over five to six years instead of eight years.”

Commerce Park

A significant portion of that $200 million has occurred in the past 12 months or so, and there are several more projects on the horizon, said Erin Ruth, village planner. TID 5 has seen the most growth, starting with the Summit Credit Union headquarters that opened in March.

The building encompasses about 190,000 square feet and is expected to be valued at $25 million to $30 million, Ruth said. The credit union also owns another four acres of land for potential expansion.

“Restaurant and entertainment options were two things we heard most that people wanted here in the village,” Ruth said.

And the village helped grant some of those wishes.

Jimmy John’s was the first, opening next to Culver’s at Highway N and Commerce Parkway.

“Having Summit there and the added employees was certainly a big draw for them,” Ruth said.

The Oakstone Recreational Facility, valued at about $2.5 million, opened in September and offers indoor and outdoor volleyball courts, as well as a restaurant.

Greywolf Partners purchased the strip mall on Landmark Drive near the credit union and welcomed The Soul’s Song, a yoga, music and wellness studio, as well as bb Jack’s restaurant.

“Greywolf has also just moved their headquarters from Sun Prairie into this building as well,” Ruth said.

“There’s additional space in there for at least one more tenant,” Giese added. “There’s a little more than a one-acre site right next to the Greywolf building that we’re hoping for a hotel on that site.”

Madison Window Cleaning, a 90-plus-year-old family business, is moving from downtown Madison to Commerce Parkway near Kids’ Safari Learning Center.

“They were under a very tight schedule, which their designers and the village approval process, we were able to accommodate,” Ruth said.

Giese said the village still owns about 15 acres of land in Commerce Park.

“We also have still a lot of interest for development in there,” he said. “The village land that fronts (Highway) N is gaining interest for a potential multitenant commercial building. Also, the McAllen parcel, which is east of Stihl, has drawn interest as well in the last few months.”

Just approved by the village board is the Cottage Grove Commons development at the southwest corner of Highway N and Gaston Road. The mixed use project will include 106 multifamily units, condos and commercial space.

“And then on the same land where the Cottage Grove Commons project is going, the same property owner has 12 acres just south of where that development will go, and then Andrew Homburg has opportunities for a development over by Rainbow day care and BP. There’s up to four acres available over there,” Giese said. “Then, heading north of the interstate, still in TID 5, west of the park and ride, the Hustons have 11 acres there, and this site has drawn new interest in the last couple weeks.”

Giese said Johnson Health Tech is looking to expand within its existing building to add more office space. Additional parking is also being considered.

Atlantis Valley Foods, also in the same area, is looking at expansion options.

In the village’s older business park on Progress Drive is the locally owned and operated Cottage Grove Storage. It opened a few years ago and is already expanding. Also, Doundrins Distilling opened and received approval for a tasting room for its liquors.

“Another family business that is unique within the village and has some potential as tourism draws,” Ruth said of the distillery.

Future projects

As if this isn’t enough, there are several major projects on the horizon.

The Monona Grove School District is building an elementary school west of Glacial Drumlin School.

Madison United Rugby has plans to build a clubhouse at Bakken Park, and the park will also soon be home to a village-owned splash pad and a privately funded Miracle Field for children with cognitive and physical disabilities.

“Our local economy is booming, certainly in the last year or so,” Giese said.

Last year, the village created three new TIDs.

TID 8, which includes the area on the north and south sides of Cottage Grove Road near the post office, is being targeted by Movin’ Out for a 100-plus unit apartment complex.

TID 9, which replaces much of the former TID 6, covers much of the land south of village hall and on the north side to include Stoddard’s, New Tech Painting and residential lots to Main Street, then west on the south side of Cottage Grove Road from Main Street to Westlawn Drive and then north to include the former UW clinic. That clinic is being remodeled to house a new dentist and a dental lab company.

TID 10 rests north of Interstate 94.

“TID 10 has about 300 acres of developable land,” Giese said. “It’s one of the largest development sites with interstate access in the state, so a huge opportunity for the village to get a large-scale business headquarters, could be combination offices, light industrial, great opportunities for warehouses and logistics-type users.”

Greywolf Partners is working on master plan for this site, with review by the community development authority expected in the next several months.

Residential development

Ruth said the village created 117 new single-family homes from 2009-18.

“Eighty-seven of those happened in 2013 with the Westlawn Fourth Addition,” he said. “There’s a lot of pent-up demand, because that’s a pretty low number for that stretch of time. So this year, we had 157. That’s 100 in Westlawn Fifth Addition, and 57 in Shady Grove.”

Another 10 lots on Damascus Road were approved for development. Known as West Drumlin, these are the lots formerly owned by the Monona Grove School District.

Construction began earlier this year on the first phase of the remaining 79 single-family lots in Quarry Ridge.

Giese noted there are a few others that could still come forward in the near future. They include about 160 more acres in the Westlawn development; The Farm, which remains for sale and is designated as a planned neighborhood in the village’s comprehensive plan; and the Parkside Ridge property, which is delayed by costs with developers exploring alternative development options.

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