To the editor,

It is very easy to feel the pain of those retail businesses that are suffering from this pandemic, whether you just started or have devoted your life to build your business up. It is difficult. What isn’t difficult is to act like we are all in this together, and the more we cooperate the better we will come out of this. Storming federal buildings with assault rifles and screaming at store employees who are trying to keep everyone safe is not working together. Also, going against the majority (like the Wisconsin Legislature and Wisconsin Supreme Court did) is also not trying to help. I don’t know the answer, is but violence is not. 
It is not much of a burden to wear a mask and make everyone around you safer. Staying 6 feet apart isn’t the end of the world. We must quit being so incredibly self-centered and think what our actions would do to the most vulnerable of us. I believe we’d feel a lot better about ourselves if we were just a little more tolerant.

Richard Nawratil


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