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New Monona Grove weight room outlifts old room

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The days of students lifting weights in a small weight room are over, as Monona Grove High School unveils its new weight room.

Renovations on the high school weight room recently wrapped up, and the MGHS athletic department is expecting high traffic from student athletes in the new space this summer and fall.

“It’s a huge upgrade from what they’ve known and what alumni have known, so we got comments from current students, former students, parents, coaches and our sports teams are in love with it,” said Monona Grove strength and conditioning coordinator Andrew Bellamy.

Before the renovations, the weight room was one of three adjoined but separate rooms.

After taking down some walls, finishing a hallway and expanding the square-footage, the new weight room is one big open space filled with lifting stations and a carpeted space for group workouts.

“Our flow and functionality is considerably better. You don’t have to take space considerations when writing a workout now because we can comfortably fit like 48 students and we can easily go up to 60 if we had to, so that makes our summer stuff really easy,” said Bellamy.

With the new weight room, many teams can now work out their whole squad at the same time. Teams previously had to divide up and use the space in shifts, to work around the space limitations.

“It just goes so much smoother. You can get a whole team in, freshman through varsity and not have to worry about. You don’t have kids standing around anymore,” said Bellamy.

The weight room has been the site of summer practices and work outs, but has been less busy. But that’s about to change, with the fall season approaching.

The athletes won’t be the only ones able to use the facility. As the new school year approaches, the weight room will be a part of the physical education classes.

“This will be our first upcoming school year where we actually put it into use through our physical education classes and so we’ll see how that goes, but I have faith that it will be a positive experience for teachers, coaches and students,” said Bellamy.

When the weight room was completed near the end of the 2020-2021 school year, Bellamy said athletes got glimpses of the new facility during physical education and on social media. Expect a packed weight room to begin the school year.

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