From 1928 through 1936, the Quaker Oats Company owned the land around Monona Grove High School and operated the experimental “Monona Farm” to evaluate and improve oat feeds for animals.

Earlier, the land had been a part of the Frank Allis farm. After Mr. Allis’s death in 1915, it was sold to Paul Kayser, son of Madison mayor Adolph Kayser and the eventual owner of Kayser Ford auto dealership.

Paul Kayser sold the farm to the Quaker Oats Co. The farm was chosen by Quaker Oats largely because of the reputation of the Wisconsin College of Agriculture for its research on livestock feeds and for its willingness to cooperate scientifically on problems of general interest to the farmers of Wisconsin.

When Quaker Oats completed its experimental work in 1936, it sold the land to Pearl Hegg, who in turn sold the land to E.S. Dewey. In 1944, it was sold to Jerome J. Jones, who subdivided the land into the Quaker Heights Plat and sold lots for housing development.

Mr. Jones’ daughter, Dorothy, married Walter Frautschi and Jerome Street in the plat is named for their son Walter Jerome “Jerry” Frautschi.

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