Employees with WPS Health Solutions in Monona planted 1,000 flags Wednesday, May 13, to honor military members who sacrificed their lives for the United States.

WPS veterans and other employees planted the flags in preparation for Memorial Day at the entrance to WPS Health Solutions, 1717 W. Broadway.

“Nearly 95 percent of WPS employees are working from home at this time,” said DeAnne Boegli, director of communications with WPS. “This group of employees is coming in especially for this occasion.”

Among its assortment of health insurance plans is Tricare for Life, a medical benefit designed to pay for medical expenses for active duty military personnel and their families, as well as for retired military personnel and their families. Although it appears to be an insurance program, it is actually a benefit program. It is a benefit offered to persons serving in the military as they pay no premiums for the coverage.

“A significant part of our business is with the military, so this is a natural extension for us,” Boegli said. “It feels right.”

In addition to the flags at WPS Drive and West Broadway, the company also created a WPS Military Salute to recognize servicemen and servicewomen who are helping fight COVID-19 in the United States.

Nominations are being accepted through June 1.

“During these difficult times, it is important to find, appreciate and recognize the good,” said Megan Willauer, director of events and strategic partnerships at WPS Health Solutions. “Whether someone is fighting the battle at the hospital, working to develop a vaccine or volunteering at the local food pantry, there are heroes all around us. WPS is proud to honor them with this award and support their charity of choice.”

The winner will be determined by a committee of WPS employees.

Nominations for the WPS Military Salute are being accepted now. Visit www.wpshealthsolutions.com/news/news-nominate-a-hero-for-the-wps-military-salute-award-05042020.shtml, or go to the “News” section of the WPS homepage, www.wpshealthsolutions.com.

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