Doris Pulling and Dr. Richard Shropshire were all smiles Sunday.

And why wouldn’t they be? The happy couple married at Messiah Lutheran Church in Madison and held their wedding reception at their new home at Heritage Senior Living Monona.

Depending on who you talk to, you’ll get different ages for the couple. Some say both are in their 90s. Richard said they are well into their 80s. Doris insists she’s 39.

“We met in 1957, when he moved in across the road from me on Winnequah Road,” Doris said of her husband.

Richard, an OBGYN, had just started his practice at the Monona Grove Clinic on Monona Drive. He practiced medicine until 1992.

Richard was Doris’ doctor when her daughter, Debby, was born. Richard’s son, Dr. James Shropshire, who practices in Fitchburg, delivered Debby Wienke’s triplets.

“We were neighbors and good friends through the years … at church, pingpong and bridge,” Richard said.

Doris’ husband died in 2010, and Richard’s wife died in 2015.

“I called her up, we had dinner and things evolved from there,” he said.

“He liked my cooking,” Doris added.

He insisted it was the steak dinners that were his favorite, but she said it was all of her cooking.

And then came that fateful day when Richard got down on his left knee (he said it’s his bad knee, evidenced by the brace on it) and asked her if she would marry him.

“I told her she had to hurry and decide, because there were two or three others in the wings,” he joked.

“I pretended to think about it for about 10 seconds, and then I said yes,” she added.

The wedding at Messiah Lutheran Church was for family members – 58 of them. Of those, 22 were attendants during the ceremony.

Doris lives in a unit at Heritage Monona, and Richard is at McFarland Villa. He’s packing his belongings this week, and the two will make their home at a new, larger unit at Heritage Monona.

“We’re starting a new trend,” Doris said. “We got married, and then we’re going to live together.”

Richard said they have been so busy planning the wedding and the two moves they haven’t had time to plan a honeymoon. But, that doesn’t mean they’re not going anywhere.

They have plans to visit Nashville and North Carolina in May, as well as Oregon in August. However, the real honeymoon will be in Hawaii.

“We’ll go at some point,” Doris said. “I’m holding him to it.”

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