WPS sign

Following up on the “face mask” replicas that were added to its Madison campus sign in December, WPS Health Solutions is celebrating Valentine’s Day by sharing a “Love Letter to First Responders” and adding red hearts to the sign at 1717 W. Broadway in Monona.

The temporary face masks call attention to the continued need for people to wear face coverings to reduce the spread of COVID-19, even as vaccines are being administered around the nation. The masks read, “We support first responders.”

For Valentine’s Day weekend, WPS is delivering treats and healthy snacks for Intensive Care Unit employees at hospitals in WPS communities: Madison; Wausau; Green Bay; Omaha, Nebraska; Hampton, Virginia; and southern Illinois. (Madison hospitals: SSM Health St. Mary’s, UnityPoint Health – Meriter, and UW Health)

Jessica Marking, a brand journalist in WPS Corporate Communications, wrote the following tribute, which is being shared with WPS employees and on the company’s social media channels.

A love letter to our first responders …

For so many serving in health care, your career path wasn’t a choice but a calling.

As battlefield health care providers, you have tended to the fallen of an invisible enemy during the COVID-19 pandemic. With overrun hospital beds and supplies, you have sacrificed for us.

Your face is covered with scars from your mask while your capable hands heal us and do not fear us. You’ve persevered in the face of total exhaustion. You have protected us.

Showing compassion for perfect strangers. Every day honoring the oath you pledged. Treating every color, every age, every human with decency and dignity. You have loved us.

Encouraging the fight within us and showing up day after day with no end in sight. You have advocated on our behalf. You have listened to our circumstances, our stories, our concerns, and our hurt. You have shown us patience.

Holding our hands when it is time to let go. You comfort our families in times of grief, guilt, and sorrow—and clap your hands in celebration of recovery. You have raised them in thanksgiving as you lifted us in good health. You have cried over us, prayed over us, and healed us.

People have called you heroes; people have called you warriors. From the bottom of our hearts, we call you angels.

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