To the editor,

Melissa Sargent has been an exceptional leader in the state Assembly for over seven years. Her candidacy for state senate makes me hopeful that her honest and effective leadership will continue to bring positive change to our state.

Her experience as a small business owner matches my own, and we have both learned to develop holistic, community inclusive business models. Melissa brings that unique perspective into her policymaking, which very few elected officials are able to do. The financial, organizational and personal responsibilities that accompany the ownership of a small business are crucial to leadership. Melissa has continued to develop these skills, and it is apparent to me that her knowledge in these areas have grown and has strengthened her as a community leader.

It is critical that we have leadership with broad, yet relevant, experience to lead us and to ensure that our voices are properly represented. From running a small business, to serving on the Dane County Board, to leading as state representative, Melissa Sargent has proven that she is a knowledgeable, well-rounded, dedicated advocate for the 16th Senate District.

Melissa continues to support legislation that supports local businesses and does an exemplary job of engaging with business leaders in our community. In the face of the COVID-19 public health crisis, Melissa’s legislative office was a vital resource to my business as I worked to navigate the challenges that my restaurant and bars faced. I look forward to Melissa Sargent’s continued work as the next state senator for the 16th Senate District.

Hawk Sullivan


Owner of Hawk's Bar & Grill, Jade Monkey, Atomic Koi and Star Bar

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