Two down and one to go – maybe.

That’s the case with excess property owned by the Monona Grove School District.

A lot of Pheasant Hill Road in Monona – adjacent to a large grassy area utilized by MG21 – is the final piece of excess land owned by the district. At about one-quarter of an acre, its value is unknown.

Superintendent Dan Olson said the district has not done any research on its value or whether the district should even consider selling it. Monona Grove School Board members said the district should at least take the first step and determine a market value.

“I think exploring the option is something we should do here,” board member Peter Sobol said.

Fellow board member Susan Fox agreed.

“I think it makes sense to get an assessment on it,” she said.

Olson said the site is not zone residential even though there are homes to the north and south of the lot. He also said he did not seen any reason city officials would not agree to a zoning change if the district requested it.

In 2016, the district Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee recommended the district sell its excess property. Specifically regarding the Pheasant Hill Road site, it suggested, “Identify site and access restrictions on the Pheasant Hill land, and determine if additional storage can be added to the site.”

Two years, the district sold several lots on Damascus Trail in Cottage Grove directly east of Glacial Drumlin School.

Earlier this year, the board agreed to the sale of houses at 4417 and 4421 Jerome St., Madison, east of the Monona Grove High School tennis courts. The two properties were sold to Madison House Buyers Inc. for a total of $170,000.

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