Staff at GiGi’s Playhouse Madison Down Syndrome Achievement Center are excited to share how they are celebrating World Down Syndrome Acceptance Day.

March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day, a day of acceptance that raises awareness of Down syndrome and how individuals with Down syndrome are vital to our lives and community. The number 321 is special around GiGi’s Playhouse Madison as individuals with Down syndrome have a third copy of their 21st chromosome. Leading up to World Down Syndrome Day on 3/21, GiGi’s be celebrating a few ways!

- GiGi’s has re-opened on a limited basis for one-on-one Amina Grace Speech and Language Therapy and have welcomed some families back a couple days a week.

- On 3/20 we will be hosting a drive by celebration and gifting our participants a GiGi’s bag full of fun surprises!

- They have launched their 321 Believer Annual Campaign with the goals of increasing acceptance as well as raising the crucial funds needed to continue offering virtual and/or in-person free, purposeful, educational and therapeutic programs to children, adults, and families with Down syndrome.

To visit the 321 page to learn more about how you can support individuals with Down syndrome:


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