Monona Police K-9 Miya celebrates ten years of service

Monona Police K-9 Unit Miya joined the department in 2010. She is now 11 years old.

Thursday, Oct. 8 marked ten years of service for Monona Police Department K-9 Miya. Miya is currently the only dog with the Monona Police.

She joined the department in 2010 after Sergeant Adam Nachreiner petitioned the city for a K-9 unit. Nachreiner said that having the opportunity to work with a K-9 unit was one of the major reasons he entered a career in law enforcement.

As an 11-year-old dog, Nachreiner said Miya has had an incredible career. The typical career for a service dog is anywhere between eight and ten years, he said.

As the only police dog in the city, Miya holds a special place in the community’s heart. Dr. Karlburg of Beltline Animal Hospital in Monona has donated his veterinary services to Miya for her entire career, and Mounds Pet Food donates all of her food.

A mix of chesapeake bay retriever, shepherd, and black lab, Miya has quite the snout. Her main duties as a K-9 unit are drug sniffing and tracking, Nachreiner said.

Depending on her health, Nachreiner said he estimates Miya has roughly a year or two left in her career. Once she retires, Nachreiner plans on adopting her as his own. He will need to pay the city a fee of $1 to adopt Miya in her retirement, a steal compared to the $7,500 it initially cost to acquire and train her.

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