The Monona City Council has approved new parking limits on eight stretches of city street.

They were earmarked due to needs city officials said include winter snow removal, leaf and garbage collection, intersection sight line improvements and increased turning radius for trucks.

Ald. Kristie Goforth was the sole dissenter in the Sept. 8 vote.

The new restrictions include:

• Shore Acres Road from Coldspring Avenue to Parkway Drive, year-round alternate side parking;

• Valorie Lane from Gordon Avenue to Wallace Avenue, alternate side parking Nov.15 to March 15.

• Valorie Lane, eastbound and westbound lanes from Gordon Avenue to Wallace Avenue, no parking within 30 feet of the corner.

• Wallace Avenue from Valorie Lane to St. Theresa Terrace, alternate side parking Nov. 15 to March 15

• Wallace Avenue from Valorie Lane to St. Theresa Terrace, no parking within 30 feet of the corner.

• Edna Taylor Parkway at Femrite Drive, no parking within 40 feet of the southwest corner.

• Monona Ridge, north of the last driveway opening in the cul-de-sac, 51 feet to the north curb line, no parking year-round.

• St. Theresa Terrace, westbound at Wallace Avenue, no parking within 30 feet of the corner.

Goforth said she voted “no” out of concern the changes would further limit parking options for apartment building residents along some high-density neighborhood streets, especially in the area of Valorie Lane, Wallace Avenue and St. Theresa Terrace.

She further said she was concerned about limiting parking in “one of the primary areas of affordable housing in Monona.”

Goforth said apartment dwellers in the area typically have access to only one on-site parking space, and if their household owns a second car they end up parking that on the street.

“They are already struggling to find parking stalls,” Goforth said. “There is just not enough parking there.”

Goforth said when a funeral is underway at nearby Gunderson Funeral Home, for instance, street parking can become even more constrained as event parking spills out onto surrounding streets.

Ald. Molly Grupe said she’s concerned that information sent to landlords in the spring on the proposed parking changes may not have been seen by all area apartment tenants.

City council members heard at the Sept. 8 meeting that only a handful of potentially affected tenants responded to a letter seeking comments and questions about the proposed changes.

A Valoria Lane resident who spoke on Sept. 8 said she would like to a see the city and building owners begin a discussion about parking in the area. She said restricting parking on these stretches may simply push overflow parking to other surrounding streets.

The council also discussed on Sept. 8 the potential for the city to work with surrounding businesses to keep their event parking in their lots and to possibly allow tenants of surrounding apartment buildings to park in those business lots during snow emergencies.

Goforth said she would like to see that kind of cooperative effort “the businesses helping the residents when needed. I would like to see people working together on that.”

Winnequah Trail

The council on Sept. 8 also heard a first reading, but took no action, on prohibiting parking on the southbound side of Winnequah Trail, from 5505 Winnequah Trail to Tonyawatha Trail.

The council also heard a proposal to no longer allow parking on the westbound/southbound side of Tonyawatha Trail between Winnequah Road and Winnequah Trail.

Additionally, to improve intersection sight lines, the council has been asked to consider prohibiting parking on northbound side of Tonyawatha Trail within 30 feet of the center of a series of intersections. Those intersections include Winnequah Trail, Baskerville Avenue, Wyldhaven Avenue, Mesa Road, Vogts Lane, Arrowhead Drive and Winnequah Road.

The resolution adopted by the council said the proposed changes stem from concerns about the amount of bike and pedestrian traffic in the area, the number of closely spaced driveways and the varying widths of streets, which combined “at times makes it unsafe for all forms of traffic on these streets.”

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