The Deer-Grove EMS Commission is expected to interview three consultants next week that are in the running to study the department’s staffing needs.

The commission has been working toward hiring a consultant to evaluate the future personnel needs of the service since 2020. The commission voted on April 15 to take proposals from consultants on the study.

The EMS commission received four proposals from consultants on the study, commission members said at a June 1 meeting. They chose to exclude one firm from the interviews, saying it was cost-prohibitive.

Deer-Grove EMS Commission is set to hear presentations from Public Administration Associates of Oshkosh, McMahon Associates of Neenah, and UW-Oshkosh on the study. Those presentations are tentatively scheduled for June 17, during the commission’s regular board meeting.

Members of the Cottage Grove village board will be joining the interviews, talking with the same three firms on June 17 about a parallel study of the Cottage Grove Volunteer Fire Department. This study is expected to be separate from the EMS study, and funded by the village of Cottage Grove.

The Cottage Grove town board has previously expressed concern over joining in the EMS study, saying relevant information could be compiled in-house. But Town Chair Kris Hampton confirmed, after a June 7 town board meeting, that the Town of Cottage Grove will be participating in the study.

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