To the editor,

In spite of corona weirdness, potential flooding and life as we know it being thrown up in the air, there’s an election coming up. The good news for Monona, as I see it, is that we appear to have four excellent candidates for the Monona City Council. The bad news is, we only have three seats available.

I’d like to offer a perspective on why I strongly support the election of two of these candidates, both of whom have shown unequivocally that they have what it takes to successfully face the challenges our wonderful little city surely faces while, at the same time, maximizing the positives and possibilities clearly inherent in this place so many of us proudly call home.

In endorsing Jennifer Kuhr for her first race for alder in 2018, here’s some of what I said:

“Alder Kuhr is intelligent, quietly competent, naturally drawn to creative consensus building and honestly excited about Monona’s future. Importantly, her day job is assuring fair and equitable distribution of millions of dollars in federal research grants given to UW. What a great skill to have when it comes to keeping an eye on Monona’s revenue expenditures.”

Nothing I wrote then has changed, except in her years as alder, Jen Kuhr has proven over and over that the voters were wise back then to choose to keep her on the council. With the serious financial and operational choices facing our progressive city, someone with these proven skills continues to be exactly what Monona needs right now.

When Kristie Schilling appeared on the scene as the new executive director of what was then the dying, stuck-in-the-past, Monona Chamber of Commerce, word quickly spread that this woman was a dynamo, feelings that haven’t changed since. From her big success recasting the chamber into MESBA, the Monona East Side Business Alliance (and giving such a big boost to our local business community), involving herself in countless community endeavors (with a strong focus on environmental and communication issues), Kristie Schilling has really left her mark on Monona. The opportunity to elect Kristie to join the team leading our city’s government is one we shouldn’t miss.

As I said, Monona is surely blessed to have four good candidates running for the city council; my experience with these two strong, intelligent, independent, progressive women makes me want to urge you to make them two of your choices. Monona will be better for it.

Lindsay Wood Davis


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