From left, Arnie Mohlman, Dan Roekle and Carter Roekle showed off Mohlman’s class ring from UW-Platteville, which had been missing for about nine years.

Arnie Mohlman of Cottage Grove was pulling weeds in his back yard about nine years ago when his class ring slipped off and was lost. Mohlman searched for the ring right away, but it was nowhere to be found.

Mohlman received the ring, made of 10K gold with a large blue center stone, when he graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville with a civil engineering degree in 1958. Mohlman said the ring meant a lot to him, but he didn’t know if he would ever see it again.

Last month, Mohlman read an article about Dan Roekle, who, with the help of his two children, helps people find lost rings. Mohlman gave Roekle a call, and Roekle and his children headed to Cottage Grove the next day.

When they arrived, Mohlman showed the ring finders where he had been working when he lost his ring, and they began searching for the ring with a metal detector. After just a few minutes of seraching, Roekle got a hit, and he was confident that the ring had been located.

“I was so sure, I took off my headphones, set my detector down and handed the video camera to my son to record the recovery,” Roekle said.

Buried about 4 inches below the grass was Mohlman’s missing class ring.

“Bingo, he got a hit!” Mohlman said.

Mohlman said that he couldn’t believe it – the ring looked just like new.

“I was excited and really, really appreciative,” said Mohlman, sharing that Roekle and his children did a great job of finding his ring.

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