Paperwork to request a demolition permit, rezoning and conditional use permit for the former Ace Hardware and two other stores at Cottage Grove Road and Monona Drive could soon be filed.

Joseph Krupp is proposing to redevelop the properties at 3900 Monona Drive (Exhaust Pros), 109 Cottage Grove Road (former Jake Monkey) and 209 Cottage Grove Road (Ace Hardware). All properties are in Madison. The earliest date Krupp can file paperwork is Thursday, July 9.

He is proposing a two-phase project, with the first phase being a four-story building with 2,900 square feet of commercial space and 80 apartments. The second phase would be another four-story building, featuring 110 apartments. The plan would also include 193 underground parking stalls and 42 surface parking stalls.

“While I support the addition of desperately needed housing and feel that this is a location that can support it, I share a number of the concerns that have been raised so far and am especially concerned with the proposal to eliminate 30,000 square feet of affordable commercial space that has been the anchor for this corridor and for the adjacent neighborhoods for many decades,” said Madison Alder Grant Foster, who represents the area.

A public information meeting on the proposal was held via Zoom in early June.

“While some in attendance spoke in favor of elements of the proposal, many shared concerns ranging from the significant loss of commercial space, to concerns about traffic and parking, to the lack of green space and trees proposed on the site,” Foster said. “I’ve also received emails from a number of constituents both in support and against elements of the proposal as currently imagined.”

The anticipated occupancy date for the first phase is spring 2022, followed by a spring 2024 opening date for the second phase.

First, though, must come the approval process.

After paperwork is filed, the Madison Plan Commission will hold a public hearing on the demolition and conditional use requests. The Madison City Council will hold a public hearing on the rezoning request.

“Some neighbors have suspected that this proposal is a ‘done deal’ and that their opinion won’t count,” Foster said. “I can tell you with confidence that there is nothing certain with this proposal at this point and that your opinion does count. The public information meeting … was the first step in a process that will take at least several months to unfold.”

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