When Natasha Lippitt – now the head coach of the Monona Grove High School girls soccer team – was part of the Silver Eagles state championship run of 2001-03, she always remembered what her parents told her about those special years and how they would stick with her into adulthood.

“The path to any championship can be long with many highs and lows. I was fortunate enough to take that journey with many teammates I continue to stay in touch with today,” Lippitt said. “Conclusion? My parents were right. We had a lot of success, but what I remember most is the fun that we had along the way.”

Lippitt, who has coached the girls team since 2018, is now married with three children. She still uses the lessons learned from soccer.

“Leadership, team, hard work, dedication, overcoming adversity, being the underdog. These are all lessons we use daily, weekly, yearly,” Lippitt said. “I was fortunate enough to learn these qualities with a successful team at a young age. As an adult, I have realized the importance of these qualities and lessons. As a parent to three, these are all qualities I teach them, and my high school female athletes.”

Lippitt’s teammate, Tina Thompson Gore, called her participation on a state championship team both exhilarating and challenging.

“We learned to be physically and mentally strong while experiencing the highs and lows of competitive sports. Being part of a state championship team was an experience I will never forget,” Gore said. “Seeing our team and coaches on the news and in the paper made us even more proud of what we accomplished.”

Gore later attended college, got married and had three children.

She was an assistant coach under Jeff Vitense for the Silver Eagles while attending classes at UW, where she earned her degree in accounting, risk management and insurance.

Without understanding what it takes to be successful, she would not have been successful in her life after college. Gore hopes her trio of children take up soccer one day.

“The experience of being a state champion taught me perseverance, diligence and the ability to succeed under pressure,” Gore said. “These skills contributed significantly to my success after high school.”

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