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Local girl scouts install dog waste station on Sandpiper Trail

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Life just got a little bit easier for dog owners in Cottage Grove, thanks to a project from two local girl scouts.

Olivia and Priscilla Martinson, members of Girl Scout Troop 1049, completed their Silver Award project this summer by installing a dog waste station along Sandpiper Trail.

The station comes equipped with a trash bin for dog excrement and a stocked supply of free bags.

In order to earn a Silver Award, a girl scout must identify a need or problem in their community and take action to make a difference.

“We saw a problem of people not picking up after their dogs,” Olivia said. “We thought that if we put in a dog waste station, it would help because it provides bags and somewhere to throw it out, too.”

Troop Leader Amanda Hinthorn said the girls were quick to identify a link between an increase the project and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’ve seen a lot of things about COVID being negative, but I think Priscilla and Olivia understood that one of the things that was happening is that we’re home more with our pets and out walking more as well,” said Hinthorn. “There was a shift in their neighborhood and community that they wanted to take care of.”

Hinthorn said the girls were the only in their troop to complete the project by hand, start to finish.

“The girls have worked really hard, and are the only two in our troop that finished the project start to completion,” she said.

The girl scout duo supplied the village of Cottage Grove with a year’s supply of dog bags to refill the station, Olivia said.

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