To the editor,

Senator Ron Johnson’s failure to speak out on the constitutionally offensive actions and statements of Mr. Trump regarding racial injustice and the right of peaceful protect is inexcusable. It reflects either his lack of principles or his lack of moral courage or both.
The senator and his Republican colleagues in the Senate are wholly and completely complicit in the anger that has justifiably roiled this country. Their collective failure to make any meaningful or sincere statements intended to help unite the country has contributed to the chaos and angst with which we are now afflicted.

Johnson’s unwillingness to criticize the president, to vote against his policies and appointments which threaten the very foundations of our republic, and to desperately value power over principle is despicable. Frankly, it is un-American and unpatriotic. 
His willingness to carry the president’s water in purely political investigations, designed to do nothing more than create headlines, rumors and innuendo, demeans his office and the Senate.

History will not look favorably on Johnson’s record. That record undermines the Constitution and the human values on which this country was founded. Frankly, he ought to be ashamed of himself. He is not worthy of the office he holds.

Peter McKeever


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Dave Gorak

Johnson isn't worthy of his office? How about the millions of Americans who aren't worthy of their own country because they refuse to participate in their own democracy? Memo to Mr. McKeever: When was the last time you met with your members of Congress or contacted their offices to communicate your concerns about any issue to them?


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