UW Health announced temporary consolidation of its primary care clinics to 10 designated locations on Friday.

“This move is intended to accommodate patients who have urgent medical needs that require in-person care, while at the same time supporting social distancing goals to limit exposure and slow spread of the disease in our community,” according to a release from UW Health.

The clinic in Cottage Grove was slated to close Tuesday, March 24, to be temporarily serviced by the Yahara Clinic in Monona.

The two urgent care sites at Union Corners and West Towne in Madison will remain open.

As part of its COVID-19 response, UW Health has redesigned its outpatient care system to provide as much care as possible over the phone and electronically and has postponed non-essential in-person visits and procedures. This has resulted in substantially fewer patients needing to go into health care facilities in person, according to the release.

In-person visits and care, when medically essential, is still available at the 10 designated locations around the Madison area.

Patients can contact their usual clinic location with questions or to request a visit by telephone or video.

UW Health’s primary care locations that will remain open for in-person, essential visits are 20 S. Park St., Beaver Dam, DeForest Clinic, East Clinic, Odana Clinic, Portage Clinic, Verona Clinic, West Clinic, Wingra Clinic and Yahara Clinic.

Patients served by the clinics that are temporarily closed are also encouraged to consider provider visits by phone, MyChart or Care Anywhere video visit options..

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