San Damiano Burial Mounds (report findings)

The city of Monona had marked off suspected effigy mounds on the San Damiano property in 2021. A new report says there are likely from construction of the Frank Allis house and a former tennis court.

Archaeologists commissioned by the city of Monona found no evidence of Native American mounds or human burial sites on the San Damiano property, according to their report.

The authors did not recommend any restrictions in public access to any part of the property, but noted they could not say definitively that burial sites or other archaeological artifacts are not present. An archaeologist had identified mounds in the area in the 19th century, but the report concluded they were not within the San Damiano site.

San Damiano mounds map

Maps of previously identified effigy mounds, with the current San Damiano property highlighted. Researchers determined that none of the mapped mounds were within the property. (Screenshot from Phase One report)