Mississippi Welfare Scandal Favre

FILE - Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre speaks to the media in Jackson, Miss., Oct. 17, 2018. A Mississippi agency says a judge should reject Favre’s requests to be removed from a lawsuit that seeks to recover millions of dollars in misspent welfare money. Favre’s attorneys have sought to get the Hall of Fame quarterback dismissed as one of more than 30 defendants in the civil suit that the state Department of Human Services filed in 2022. Kaytie Pickett, an attorney for the department, says in court papers filed Monday, March 13, 2023, that Favre failed to make solid legal arguments and a judge should ignore his “diatribe.”

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A judge should ignore a request from retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre to be removed from a civil lawsuit that seeks to recover misspent welfare money in Mississippi’s largest-ever public corruption case, the state Department of Human Services said this week.

Millions of federal welfare dollars were intended to help low-income Mississippi residents — some of the poorest people in the country — but were instead squandered on projects supported by wealthy or well-connected people, including projects backed by Favre, prosecutors say.

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