The Poynette Village Board met for a brief meeting prior to a closed session on Monday.

During the meeting, the board approved a with an agreement with Accurate Appraisal for assessment services during the years 2020-2024. According to village documents, the 5-year contract costs $55,500.

Services in the contract include maintenance of property, assessment record and revaluation records, advice and opinions for assessment matters and the keeping of photograph records of improved parcels.

“It’s a good deal,” said Supervisor Doug Avery.

The board then moved on to the approval of liquor operator licenses for Jessie Falk, Krisitina Gossett and Pamela Blazek. Diane Johnson’s name was omitted from the list, but officials said her name would be added to the board’s next agenda. Johnson currently has an interim license, officials said.

The board entered into closed session, and upon return to open session, passed a motion to extend a site plan approval on the sale of a $20,000 lot and set an agreement with the purchaser to close no later than March 31, 2020.

During a Committee of the Whole meeting prior to the Village Board meeting, an electrical design engineer from GEC told the board that it would cost an estimated $175,000 to replace 350 light fixtures in the Village Hall and police department with new LED installations.

That includes new controls.

Committee members said the price was too high and they were uninterested in moving forward.

The committee was also provided an update on West Mill Street and utility improvements from Village Engineer Kory Anderson.

Anderson reported that underground utility construction in underway.

South Main Street was closed earlier this week while crews linked water and sewer corrections. Traffic was rerouted to County Highway CS using Highway 51.

Anderson said substantial completion is set for Aug. 15 with final touches by the end of August if no weather dates prolong the work.

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