Research Products ground breaking

Members of the Village of Poynette, Findorff and Research Products Corporation break ground on the site of the new 100,000 square-foot distribution center in Poynette.

Research Products is starting construction on their new 100,000 square-foot distribution center after holding their ground breaking ceremony Monday, April 29.

The company, known for its indoor air quality solutions, currently operates on a 190,000 square-foot campus in Poynette. This new building would be the biggest and only addition Research Products has had in Poynette in the last 20 years. Members of the company, Findorff as well as Poynette President Diana Kaschinske were in attendance and seemed enthused about the breaking ground.

“I was get that quirky, fun-loving ‘it’s my project’ thing going on,” Kaschinske said. “Yeah, I’m very excited.”

Although not much physically has changed in the most recent years, Aprilaire General Manager Bill Priske said they have been seeing their company grow at a rate of 10-20% over the last couple years.

The company currently operates a distribution center in Deerfield but Priske said this new upgrade would improve their overall performance.

“Good cost savings and just efficiency,” Priske said. “We can build closer to orders and ship right to where the customer orders.”

He said Research Products will still use the Deerfield location but it may shift to manufacturing and support their Madison location as well.

More jobs

Last year, Research Products added 30 full-time positions to the company, and Priske said they’re planning another 10-20% growth this year on top of their approximate 150 employees.

“In our five-year plan, we anticipate we’ll be an over 300 employee plant,” he said. “With the expansion, that just shows we’re committed to building in Poynette and North America.”

Jeff Schmoeger, vice president of manufacturing, said the company will add a minimum of 100 jobs in the coming five-year plan, which will be a large increase over their peak season.

“We’ll peak at 200 jobs during our busy season here, so to add 100 more jobs is a 50% increase in the workforce,” Schmoeger said. “It’s significant for our plant and it’s significant for Poynette.”

Another manufacturing building is also in the works, Schoeger said, although it has not yet been approved. He said their fastest growing product line is dehumidifiers for residential homes and they are quickly outgrowing their dehumidifier manufacturing capacity.

Other buildings on site in Poynette would be slated to be removed for this addition but could result in a new 60,000 square-foot building.

As ground work begins this month, Research Products is expecting to have the new building operational by February of 2020.

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