Poynette Village Hall

Since the latter part of 2017, the village of Poynette staff has shared its building with members from the town of Dekorra, charging the town $200 per month for use of the building. Recently, the village board decided to rewrite the rental agreement to charge a monthly fee of $500 per month.

At its June 22 Committee of the Whole meeting, the Village of Poynette decided to rewrite an offer to the Town of Dekorra regarding the town renting Village Hall.

A new contract will be up for approval at a later meeting, while also terminating the existing contract. The village plans to increase the monthly payments to be made by the Town of Dekorra.

In the latter part of 2017, the Town of Dekorra asked the Village of Poynette to rent office space for one year at Village Hall as they worked on a plan to improve its own Town Hall. The agreement was extended indefinitely and the Town of Dekorra is paying the Village of Poynette $200 per month.

The initial agreement was signed by both parties on Dec. 12, 2017. The new offer being drafted would increase the payments to $500 per month.

The rental agreement is approaching the three-year mark and Village Administrator Martin Shanks wrote in a memo to the village board that he is unaware if the Town has an agreed upon plan for Dekorra Town Hall.

“The village staff enjoys having the Town Clerk (Holly Priske) in the building. We have a great relationship and we often find ways to work together and share information,” Shanks said. “We have no issue with (Holly’s) presence in the building. Additionally, town meetings have not caused major disruption and scheduling conflicts have been minimal.”

Shanks went on to say that the original terms of the agreement have gone well beyond what was first discussed. And it seems the Town of Dekorra has made no commitments to address their Town Hall issue.

“When the agreement was adopted by the Board, it was expressed that the $200 per month was a way to help the Town out for a few months as they transition to their remodeled facility,” Shanks said. “Given they have no commitment plans, the town is at the very least 1-2 years out from a solution.”

The Town of Dekorra utilizes office space, as well as meeting rooms for various committees, boards and elections. Shanks spoke of the growing demands on the building and village — including costs for electricity, water and natural gas, along with bathroom paper products and other building maintenance and cleaning costs.

“Other than the village’s larger office footprint, the town uses Village Hall as much as the village does,” Shanks said.

Because the village is a couple months away from the next year’s budget cycle, he would like to notify the Town of Dekorra of the modifications to the agreement.

The existing agreement can be terminated with 30 days notice to the Town of Dekorra.

In other news, at previous committee of the whole meetings, the board did talk about possibly making plans to allow golf carts on village streets.

With certain state and county limitations, the board did not go forward with their planning. The village could not allow golf carts to travel on roads that exceed 25 mph and could also only allow crossings of state highways if the speed limit was 35 mph or slower.

Based on those limitations, several roads would be off limits — Highway 51, Kent Road, Old S Road, McMillan Road, South Street/County Highway CS, County Highway Q when leaving south of the village, Tomlinson Road when leaving east of the village and County Highway CS/Q leaving east of the village.

Access to several subdivisions would be restricted as well.

During the village board meeting, which followed the COW meeting, the board agreed to let all restrictions on village areas regarding the COVID-19 pandemic to expire on July 13.

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