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The Village of Poynette was able to get additional Routes to Recovery funds from other municipalities to help cover COVID-19 related expenses.

Village of Poynette Clerk Natalie Megow was able to use her connections with other municipalities in the state to get an extra $18,000 for the village within the Routes to Recovery Program. The good news was announced at the village board meeting on Dec. 14.

Poynette was initially given $40,000, but in total, spent nearly $59,000 on COVID-19 related expenses after the extra funds were given. The Town of Lowville and the Town of Buchanan — near Appleton — both did not use their allotted funds and gave any leftover money they had to Poynette. Village Administrator Martin Shanks applauded Megow’s efforts in getting Poynette more funds.

The following is a list of how the village of Poynette used it’s nearly $59,000 of Routes to Recovery funds:

— Gloves, face masks, sneeze guards, hand sanitizer dispensers/UV light sanitizers, disinfectants, cleaners, paper products, soap, and other cleaning supplies;

— Election related expenditures, including stamps, shipping labels, message boards, and voting booths;

— Enclosure of the Village Hall office;

— Mop sink installation on the second floor of Village Hall;

— Six picnic tables for the parks system to replace wooden tables;

— Computers and IT equipment, including laptops for remote work, additional office computers so employees don’t have to share workstations, headphones, microphones, and webcams to facilitate remote learning and tele-meetings;

— Self-service book checkout at the Library;

— Replacement of cloth furniture, including office chairs and other public facility furniture;

— Touchless sensor faucets for Village Hall bathrooms; and

— Reimbursement for leave time pay for employees who have been off due to COVID-19 related matters.

Other news

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) awarded the village a $7,500 urban forestry grant. With the village budgeting to match it, there is $15,000 that can be spent on forestry work in 2021 — trimming trees, etc. Only $10,000 was initially budgeted for the work.

Waste Management has completed its purchase of Advanced Disposal, the service used by the village. Shanks said the village’s contract with Advanced Disposal would be absorbed and honored by Waste Management. He said the village was informed that there shouldn’t be any changes in pickup schedules as the same drivers will be used. The current contract expires Dec. 31, 2023.

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