Vacant lot

The 1.8-acre lot at 500 Park Street in Poynette is seen. At its April 26 meeting, the Poynette Village Board approved the sale of the property to S&L Investments LLC for $50,000.

Perhaps the third time is the charm for the village of Poynette in selling the property located at 500 Park Street.

In early April, S&L Investments LLC made a $50,000 offer on the 1.8-acre lot, which was accepted by the village. The Board gave its unanimous approval of the sale at its April 26 meeting. This is the third attempt for the village to sell the lot.

In 2018, the village had an agreement with Brown’s Towing for $20,000 on the 1.8-acre lot. The agreement expired in early 2020 without moving forward.

Then, in January, Richard Stern of Stern Enterprises, LL submitted an offer to purchase the land for $50,000. He intended to construct a new building focusing on businesses in the renewable energy sector. The offer was approved, but Stern canceled the deal a day prior to closing.

S&L Investments is proposing to establish a retail location for landscaping materials, including the construction of a 42-foot by 64-foot workshop for office staff and employees to create a home base for services and materials.

Additionally, the two sides negotiated and agreed to the following:

— Property conveyance agreement: The village requires S&L Investments to start permanent construction within three years, and if not, the village can retake possession.

— Planning and zoning permit contingency: S&L must obtain approval for conditional use permit, site plan and building permit by July 15.

— Utility extension contingency: If costs for extending electricity and gas service to the property exceed $7,500, the offer becomes null and void. S&L has 35 days from offer date to verify.

The closing date is set for July 25.

“The sale of the property to S&L is a good fit for the village and will be a nice business to meet the needs of residents and community businesses,” Shanks said. He added that everything meets the Comprehensive Plan’s goals and objectives for land use and economic development. The uses are also in line with village zoning ordinances.

In other news, the Board also gave unanimous approval to Black Dog Investment Group LLC to have privilege in the right-of-way to erect a sign for future businesses.

Black Dog Investment Group LLC will put up a sign at the intersection of Pauquette Pines Lane and Links Drive in relation to them taking over the building that formerly housed the clubhouse and restaurant for Pauquette Pines Golf Course.

The building will be used as a fitness center, small restaurant and a community meeting space/event center.

The Plan Commission gave its approval at an April 20 meeting.

Because the surrounding area and roadway is undeveloped, Black Dog Investment Group is aware that the sign may need to be removed if there is any extension of the street in the future.

Plans are for the sign to be around 96-inches-by-64-inches in size and have room for all future tenants of the buildings, with the address stretched across the side.

Spring Clean Up Day numbers

Poynette’s Spring Clean Up Day on April 24 brought in $2,010 to the village, almost double from the 2018 and 2019 numbers, and nearly $500 more than last year. The village will have to pay for dumpsters used though, based by weight.

Poynette Police Lieutenant Adam Rogge also said that it was reported that the Drug Take Back Day brought in more than in years past as well.

“That’s one of the most beneficial things we do,” Polzer said, adding that the items stay out of the area landfills and the water systems.

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