Poynette’s Village Administrator, Martin Shanks, will be stepping down from the position, effective May 1.

It will mark exactly four years that Shanks held the role, who began his tenure in Poynette on May 1, 2017.

Shanks, a Portage native, started his career as an intern at Poynette’s Village Hall in 2011 while also pursuing his Master’s degree in public administration from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Before coming back to the village, Shanks was the assistant city administrator for Monroe, as well as its director of community development.

Shanks is currently working with village staff regarding the change, as the Village Administrator role could be vacant for a few months. However, he said in a memo to the Village Board that he believes the new administrator “should be able to be brought on mid-summer and be able to adequately prepare for the 2022 budget season in the fall.”

A larger story will be in an upcoming issue of the Lodi Enterprise/Poynette Press.

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