The Poynette Parks Commission is looking for a new location of its ice rink used during the winter. The rink will no longer be placed in the parking lot of Pauquette Park, and in addition, the commission is also looking to have a multi-use surface placed under the rink in its new location.

The Commission has talked about putting the multi-use surface and rink in Veterans Memorial Park, which is across the street from Pauquette Park.

Instead of trying to get quotes themselves, Village Administrator Martin Shanks suggested to first pick a park for the rink and then let Village Engineer Kory Anderson design where the multi-use surface would go and then he could get an estimate of the costs.

Commission chair Davy Tomlinson and the other members were in favor of that idea.

“It would take things off our shoulders,” commissioner Justin Peters said.

Tomlinson estimated the surface would be around 75-feet-by-100-feet, as that would be slightly larger than the current size of the ice rink.

Outside of Veterans Memorial Park, Tomlinson also suggested Colby Park and Valley View Park, which houses the village’s splash pad.

“No matter where we put it, we would need water, electrical and a storage space,” Tomlinson said.

Tomlinson went on to suggest to the five commission members that they visit each of the three parks and get a feel of where the multi-use surface would be most beneficial.

In other news, the commission discussed possible changed to its Movies in the Park events. It was brought to its attention that many didn’t like the fact the movies ended so late — around 10:30 p.m. However, the screen used to show the movies is best suited for a post-dusk start.

Tomlinson had the idea of bringing in an LED screen for one or two showings, a screen that would work during sunlight hours, thus being able to start movies much earlier. It costs about $600-$800 for Fun Flicks to set up the current viewings, but would be doubled for an LED screen. The budget for Movies in the Park in 2021 is $3,000.

The commission also received a $500 donation from Ira Kastenberg, which can be used for any upcoming projects.

Disc golf course update

Commissioner Peters provided a brief update to the ongoing work regarding the disc golf course at Jamieson Park.

He said the the tee boxes are dug on holes 1-4, with rocks put in as well. On holes 5-7, the tee boxes are dug without rocks, and that nothing has been done yet with the tee boxes on hole 8-9. He hopes that within the next few weeks all tee boxes will be ready for the cement to be poured.

The course has quickly gained the attention of the community.

“A lot of people have been showing up, it’s been pretty cool,” Peters said.

Peters said the biggest issue is overall parking within the park, as once a week, he said that patrons are asked to move their cars because the are blocking portions of the course.

Paved parking lots — one by the dog park and the other by the shelter — are the next projects for the park.

Overall, Peters has spent about 25% of the budgeted $15,000 for the disc golf course, with an additional $1,500 to potentially be used for parking signs. The remaining money could go to help fund the parking lot.

In conjunction with the disc golf course near completion, and the other updates to the park, the commission wants to plan a grand reopening of the park for sometime in the spring. It’s the commission’s chance to showcase the park amenities — disc golf course, dog park and walking trails.

Tomlinson asked all commissioners to think about how they want to handle the event.

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