Due to an increased demand from consumers for healthy air products throughout the country, Aprilaire has expanded its distribution and production center and is now hiring for 80-plus positions amidst the backdrop of a pandemic.

Aprilaire recently expanded its Poynette, WI manufacturing facility, increasing the size of the facility by 100,000 sq. ft. Improving product flow was a major component of the expansion which included increasing the number of loading docks and implementing a new robust warehouse management system.

“The expansion also included doubling the size of the dehumidifier production facility,” Director of Manufacturing, Dave Young, said. “With the increased production we’ll be able to keep up with the demand for the next decade.”

But it is not just dehumidifiers that need extra hands. Products such as air filters, humidifiers, and ventilation systems have also seen an increased demand. Due to this demand, Aprilaire is hiring for more than 80 manufacturing positions in its Poynette and Madison facilities.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Aprilaire has allowed workers to take leave to take care of sick family members or take work off themselves if they are ill. They have also established other protocols to keep employees safe, like maintaining social distance and wearing face masks when indoors and allowing others to work from home when possible. This foresight and flexibility has allowed Aprilaire to continue to provide healthy air solutions throughout the country despite COVID-19’s disruptions.

{p class=”p1”}“We are currently hiring for 80-plus positions to help us not only maintain our current projections, but to exceed them.” For more information about open positions at Aprilaire, go to www.aprilaire.com/jobs.

For over six decades, Aprilaire has been creating and delivering the best solutions to manage air purity, humidity, temperature, and fresh air supply for homes in all types of environments. We have built an unparalleled reputation as the brand of choice among tens of thousands of professional contractors and the millions of homeowners who use our products every day.

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