The Poynette Park and Recreation Commission continues to discuss the addition of pit toilets within Jamieson Park, to replace the port-a-potty currently near the park shelter.

A one-room structure would cost about $13,000, plus installation costs. The Commission talked about a possible two-room pit toilet, but costs estimates came back at $37,000. That price does not include excavation or permits.

“It’s double the size, but triple the cost,” Commission Chair Davy Tomlinson said.

The Commission set aside $25,000 to use toward Jamieson Park this year, and with an entry kiosk, grill and two trash cans ordered, it cuts into the initial funds even more. The three items will cost around $2,900 with shipping. Eight ground sleeves for the disc golf course were also purchased for $178.58.

So for the pit toilets, the Commission could put in the one-stall toilet for $13,000 using the leftover funds, or they could set aside more money for next year to help pay the $37,000 for the two-stall structure. The Commission is in agreement that two pit toilets should be installed.

Commissioner Jill Nooyen asked about purchasing two one-room structures — getting two toilets, but for only $26,000. Regardless, it will be tough to have a structure installed this year, so Tomlinson will talk with Village Engineer Kory Anderson more, and the Commission hopes to decide on the issue by its August meeting.

Commission interested in surveying residents about Park and Recreation employee

The Commission is still discussing whether or not to add to village staff in regards to creating a Park and Recreation employee to head possible programs held by the village, but not to replace the programs already held. There would be other work for the position to handle as well.

The village has contacted other municipalities to see if they have a similar position and how it is run.

Nooyen suggested that since the taxpayers would be paying for this new position, a survey should be sent out to residents within the school district to see if they even have an interest in such a position — and programs — being created.

“Part of me is excited for the position, but there’s also those hidden costs attached,” Nooyen said, referencing the salary, benefits and other costs. “Also, people are busy, the library does well with its events, and there’s a lot of travel leagues. Are we rushing too fast with this?”

Commissioners still questioned if there would be enough for that person to do during a 40-hour work week, especially during winter months.

“It sounds like a wonderful idea,” Commissioner Paul Golueke said of the position, and added that he used recreation department programs while growing up in a different community.

But Golueke also noted that it’s hard to get people involved in things around the village, which left him hesitant to create the new position in Poynette.

Commissioners were in favor of creating a survey and will establish questions at its August meeting.

Tomlinson reminded his fellow Commissioners that Village President Diana Kaschinske was in full support of creating the position, and said that it would provide a good service to all residents of the village and surrounding communities.

The Commission feels it should also wait on making a final decision until Poynette hires a new Village Administrator, which could happen in the very near future.

Tomlinson added that with the new position, it doesn’t mean that the programs at the library or summer school will go away.

Public Works Director Scott Gorman noted that a full-time employee could help enhance certain programs run by volunteers, as well as other programs.

Jamieson Park grand re-opening event

A grand re-opening of Jamieson Park is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 11. The event will begin at 11 a.m. and feature a flag ceremony by the Boy Scouts, a demonstration by the Badger Kennel Club, a local arborist, a village historian, food trucks and more.

The event is to show the community all the updates to the park in recent years, including the dog park and nine-hole disc golf course.

The full list of times and events will be finalized by the Commission’s next meeting on Aug. 4.

Splash Pad update

Scott Gorman said only the water gun feature at the splash pad in Valley View Park is in need of replacement right now. He said there are other small leaks that Public Works is trying to repair, but it won’t come with large price tags.

Gorman told the Commission that he can look into replacing the gun feature with a cannon feature, and possibly order one to be replaced sometime during the offseason.

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