Poynette High School students will now have a new course to choose from when picking classes. At a Dec. 21 meeting, the Poynette School Board approved the addition of Studio Art to the course list.

The course falls within the Art-STEAM department and will be worth a half-credit for eligible sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Per the district, the course is described as follows: “Studio Art will enable highly motivated students to continue their studies in a specific field of art study. Students who have successfully completed multiple courses in art can continue their exploration in drawing, painting, ceramics or photography. This course will provide an opportunity to build a portfolio of work and prepare students for Advanced Placement Studio Art or be a capstone course to their artistic exploration.”

Students are eligible to take the new course if they have completed two continuous art courses (i.e. Drawing 1, 2) or multiple areas of high school art courses. Students must also be at proficient or advanced performance levels in drawing, painting, ceramics, graphic design or photography, and will then choose a domain for the new Studio Art class.

Before unanimous approval, School Board President Kathleen Lucey said, “Any time we can offer more opportunities for students, the better.”

While describing the course, four learning goals of all participating students were provided. They were to:

— Encourage creativity as well as continual investigation of formal and conceptual issues;

— Emphasize making art as an ongoing process that involves the student be in informed and critical decision making;

— Develop technical skills and reinforce the importance of the visual elements and principles; and

— Encourage students to become independent thinkers who will contribute inventively and critically to their culture through the making of art.

It is estimated that at least 10 students will take the course per semester.

In other news, there are still six openings in the district — two custodians, an assistant football coach, a strength and speed coordinator for spring, an assistant baseball coach, and an assistant high school volleyball coach.

Construction updates

The new scoreboards have been placed in the Kerr Gym at the high school, with one of the old scoreboards put up the middle school’s gym. The other scoreboard, currently sitting in the PMS gym, will possibly be donated or auctioned off at a later date.

The new bleachers for the Kerr gym at PHS are still scheduled to be installed in late January. Also, the new sign for PHS along Highway 51 will be placed in January, with a brick facade being added in spring.

Priorities, projects for remaining 2018 referendum dollars

District Administrator Matt Shappell estimated that the district still has $600,000-$700,000 left to spend as a result of the November 2018 referendum. He added that most of that money is due to funds drawing interest.

“It continues to be a moving target,” Shappell said of the exact amount of funds the district has.

Much of the remaining funds will be used to update the 1963 bathrooms in the high school, as well as refresh some middle and high school classrooms — including furniture. Shappell said additional technology and some outdoor learning possibilities are also being discussed, among other things. He noted that all these plans are in addition to funds already set aside for various work in the spring and summer.

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