After months of discussing an additional smaller shelter to be erected at Pauquette Park, Poynette Parks Commission Chair Davy Tomlinson finally had an update to the rest of its members.

The necessary quotes were given and the project can now move forward. The Commission approved the resolution for a new shelter to be built by the back ball diamond in the park.

“This has been on the agenda for about the last eight months, with no progress. Finally, we have progress,” Tomlinson said.

The cost for the concrete and shelter came in at less than $25,000 — by a few hundred dollars — so it will not have to be put out for bidding.

Tomlinson said the concrete slab could be poured in the next few weeks, and the shelter kit would now be ordered. He feels that it is a project that could be completed in one or two days by a group of volunteers, as Tomlinson “does not want to tax the Public Works crew any more.”

The kit will have six posts and a roof. The posts are dark brown and the roof is green. Tomlinson said the goal is to have the shelter built before winter.

Greenhouse for Gardening Association

The Commission agreed to the new location selected by the Poynette Area Gardening Association (PAGA) for its greenhouse near the community garden in Veteran’s Memorial Park.

Lyn Bryant, representing PAGA at the Oct. 7 meeting, said the greenhouse will face east-west with the door being on the west side. It will be near the northwest corner of the park, as that is the most level and does not disrupt any wetlands or floodplains.

The organization is still looking for a small hooped greenhouse that is estimated to cost $500.

“That does not include electric and water,” Bryant said.

Village Administrator Martin Shanks said that it might be possible for the Commission to cover the costs of the electrical and plumbing for the greenhouse. Tomlinson said that once quotes are received, the Commission can see how much, if not all, they can cover. The rest of the Commission was in agreement.

Community ice rink

The Poynette community ice rink will be staying at Pauquette Park, at least for another year. The Commission has been looking to find a permanent home for the ice rink, but were unable to find a viable option in time to move it for the upcoming winter. The decision was made to keep the ice rink in the Pauquette Park parking lot for the 2020-21 winter season.

“We have no other choice this year but to put it there because we have no other option,” Tomlinson said.

The Commission has been looking for a future permanent home because the ground is not level in the current location.

Tomlinson also noted that this year, he might suggest that the rink face north-south, rather than the normal east-west because the ground may be more level that direction. To make the surface more level every year, sand is placed where needed.

“We fight the sand every year,” Tomlinson joked. “Maybe we just have to deal with the sand (for the time being).”

Shanks said that with the Commission putting together a new five-year plan beginning in 2022 — which stretches to 2027 — finding a permanent location for a multi-purpose surface and ice rink could be the top priority.

Member Justin Peters noted that he’s heard nobody in the community say that they are in favor of moving the rink and people like the downtown location.

Member Tony Belay would like to see the rink moved because he feels that it won’t grow any bigger than what it already is by staying in the parking lot. “It seems like a hassle every year,” he added.

Update on Jamieson Park

Peters noted that there is still an ongoing problem of people parking on the grassy areas within the disc golf course, even with the two new parking areas created.

The biggest problem, according to Peters, is people parking on the side of the east entrance to the park, where one of the final few holes is located.

A suggestion to put up signs indicating a no parking zone and one for designated parking areas was made. The option is possible as there is about $1,400 left in the overall budget of the disc golf course.

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