I am finding myself amazed that Republicans continue to tout “Make America Great Again”. We have for over a year and a half seen first hand what our President in particular, believes how he can make America great and it seems to still drizzle down to state and local elections.

If making this country great means that we have immoral leadership at the very top who believes that if you lie often enough it will end up being believed. People who support, regardless of your party, throwing our own country under the bus and supporting despots and adversarial governments who wish this country nothing but harm and to break our democracy, while denigrating not only our allies but every founding block of this Republic.

If contemptuously berating past presidents in the defense of his own indefensible behavior, and having his Administration, (past and present) being laid with no less than 23 indictments and counting, along with five “Guilty” pleas. What does that say about that voter and his or her patriotism? It is interesting to note that when Paul Ryan retires, he will leave this country over a trillion dollars more in debt than when he came to office.

Trump believes he can buy his way out of trouble with his voters who don’t reside in the 1 percent class. $12 billion dollars to offset a trade war hitting farmers the hardest is a start. The only way we are going to get this country back on track is to rid ourselves of the spineless, inept Republican Congress.

The Republican Party is pouring millions of dollars from outside sources to beat Sen. Tammy Baldwin. We don’t need another Trump lap dog going to Washington to represent us. I would think we’ve all had just about enough.

Judy Brownrigg, Lodi

Lodi, WI

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