(Left to right): Second place Zach Boden, winner Chase McDermand, third place Nick Baran after the Franklin B. Alexander Memorial Feature, Saturday night at Sycamore Speedway.

Sycamore, Ill. — Defending series champion Chase McDermand increased his series points lead by winning the Franklin B. Alexander Memorial 25-lap Badger Midget Series feature, held Sept. 5 at Sycamore Speedway.

Rookie Derek Doerr paced the intinal two laps before a five-car accident involving front runners Nick Baran, Joran Mattson, and fast qualifier Ryan Zeliski. Baran and Mattson rejoined the race at the tail of the field. McDermand passed Doerr for the lead as the pair exiting Turn 2 on Lap 4.

McDermand continued to lead to the field as three cautions between Laps 8 to 14 kept the field bunched up. McDermand continued to lead Zach Boden, with eight laps to go, while Nick Baran and Mattson continued their change through the field. On Lap 23 Tyler Baran and Kevin Olson tangled battling for third place setting up a two-lap shootout. McDermand finished three cars length of Bode. Nick Baran finished third, Mattson, and Kyle Brinkman.

“Getting the lead earlier kept me out of lapped traffic and a clear track. Thanks to the Alexander Family and AFS for posting bonus money” commented McDermand who drove the Kevin McDermand owned Spike/Chevrolet No. 40. McDermand collected $2,000 for the first place prize.

McDermand holds a 22-point lead over Nick Baran heading to the Advance Fastening Supply (AFS) Challenge. A $1,500 bonus awaits McDermand if he wins the Sept 5 Sycamore event and the Sept. 12 Plymouth (Wis.) Dirt Track event. If McDermand fails to win both events, all drivers competing at both events will split up the bonus equally.


Plymouth Dirt Track up on Sept. 12.

Badger Midget Series Point Standings

1. Chase McDermand 533; 2. Nick Baran 511; 3. Tyler Baran349; 4. Kevin Douglas 347; 5. Jeff Zelinski 310;6. Kurt Mayhew 286; 7. Derek Doerr 284; 8. Ryan Zielski 275; 9. Jeremy Douglas 266; 10. Kevin Olson 261.


The feature victory for McDermand was his second at Sycamore was his first career Badger feature victory came July 7, 2018 at the track. …Rookie Derek Doerr led the first four laps of the feature. His first four of his career. ...Kurt Mayhew (9th) and Jake Goeglein (11th) won the Howard Law Cash Draws, a bonus for a randomly selected feature finishing positions. ...Kyle Brinkman claimed the Advance Race Suspensions Hard Charger Award improving fifteen positions. ...Pat Henson collected a $50 bonus by finishing 15th in the feature, The bonus was posted by Corson Racing & EnviroFab. ...The remaining Badger Sycamore event is Saturday Sept. 26.

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