Joseph Freng had Sun Prairie’s best overall finish placing fourth among sophomores in the Big Eight Grade Level Challenge.

JANESVILLE — Sun Prairie competed in the Big Eight Grade Level Challenge on Tuesday at Rockport Park in Janesville.

The Cardinals’ top placing came in the 11th-grade race, a second-place finish with 55 points. Connor Carpenter led the way with an 11th-place finish, covering the 5K course in 18 minutes, 45.3 seconds.

Other 11th-grade times included Tyler Stoll (18:58.7), Joseph Stoll (19:01.1), Max Saron (19:15.2), Stephen Skalitzky (19:45.5), Cole Kalinowski (19:46.7), Matthew Gorman (20:27.6), Isaac Bude (21:04.7), Jonathan Foster (25:15.3), Shea Kovach (25:16.9) and Gonzalo Delgado (33:22.1).

The senior team placed fifth. Hunter Teniente had the top Sun Prairie time with a 19:06.8, while the other 12th-grade finishers include Zachary Yohr (19:16.1), Lukas Bekkedal (20:21.1), Alex McAndrew (20:52.1), Noah Tucker (21:55.6), Christopher Plagge (22:03.9), Eddie Kricki (22:16.2), Matthew Engelbrecht (23:09.8), Alex Ordoñez (23:14.3) and Carlos Arriola (25:14.0).

The sophomore team finished fifth as well with Joseph Freng posting the Cardinal boys best time with an 18:22.0.

Other 10th-grade times included Ben Marshall (19:53.2), Evan Buckingham (20:53.5), Isaac Hunter (22:10.6), Carson Binotto (22:15.4), Caine Hoffman (22:43.9), Mikey Stoll (23:10.9), Alex Yelk (23:26.4), Wyatt Kalinowski (24:07.4), Rameash Bevans (27:28.0) and Owen Hamen (28:11.3).

The freshman team placed eighth. Leading the way was William Komberec (22:09.4) while following were Benjamine Olsen (23:06.7), Calvin Petri (23:40.2), Zachary Lizan (24:25.6), Zachary Brzezinski (24:33.6), Miles Adkins (24:39.9), Liam Kerl (25:09.8), Zachary Svendsen (25:24.3) and Matthew Lee (30:47.7).


Sun Prairie will compete in the Wausau East Invitational on Saturday.

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