Lost wedding ring

When Jill Filkouski, pictured with her husband Michael, lost her ring, she found it again with the help of ringfinder Dan Roekle. 

Since they began over four years ago, Dan Roekle and his family have found scores of lost items for people in the Dane County area. Combing through parks, fields, backyards and golf courses, Roekle and his children, Carter and Kylie, have recovered 41 rings.

When Sun Prairie resident Jill Filkouski lost both her wedding ring and anniversary ring during a golf outing with her family, she was devastated.

“I felt panic, and I was freaked out,” Filkouski said. “It was terrorizing because it’s kind of heartbreaking to lose something like that.”

She lost the two rings after removing them to apply sunscreen, setting both down on the seat of her golf cart. After completing two holes and traveling the distance of about three football fields, Filkouski stopped to use the restroom. It was then that she realized her mistake.

Filkouski and her sister searched the course for over two hours and were able to find the anniversary ring. They continued their search for the other ring, concentrating on an area where the first one was found, but to no avail.

Later, a family of four offered to help in the search. Filkouski said that this act of kindness confirmed for her that there are still good people in this world. Eventually the search had to be suspended and Filkouski and her sister went home to finish out the night with family.

It was there that Filkouski’s father mentioned a local news story about a man who uses a metal detector to find lost items, but he couldn’t remember the man’s name.

As the evening progressed, Filkouski took to Facebook and made a post on the Welcome to Sun Prairie Facebook page about her ordeal. Eventually, someone posted a link to www.LostandFoundRing.com with the comment, “Dan can find it”.

Filkouski contacted Roekle on Monday, setting up a time to meet at the golf course on Tuesday morning. The golf course gave Filkouski and Roekle permission to search for her lost ring. With Filkouski’s husband, Michael, they used two metal detectors to sweep the area.

About an hour later, the ring was found.

“I cannot express the joy,” Filkouski said. “And my husband was the one to find it. He just looked down and saw it.”

Dan Roekle says he’s found 12 rings this year, and his goal is to average around 15-20 a year. With all the success, one might imagine Roekle turning his hobby into a full-time business. But that’s not why Roekle does this.

“Sure, we could negotiate rewards more, or increase our fees, but we don’t do it for the money,” Roekle said.

In fact, Roekle donates 25 percent of his earnings to his children’s school, and recently purchased a 3D printer with the money from his finds, donating that to the school as well.

In addition to rings, Roekle also finds keys, watches, necklaces and any other item made of metal with the help of his detectors.

For more information visit www.lostandfoundring.com.

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