Sun Prairie residents part of forensic team win

Forensics 2021_0122.jpg: For the 11th straight year, the Lakeside Lutheran High School Forensics team was awarded the Excellence in Speech Award at the virtual WHSFA Forensics State Championship on April 16-17. Pictured, front row, L-R: Ian Olszewski, Ella DeNoyer, Lydia Bilitz, Greta Pingel, Douglas Weittenhiller III, Logan Wensel, Matthea Lenz. Second row, L-R: Kya Winger, Ambria McCrary, Elsa Johansson, Maria Vik, Austin Schwab, Ethan Lozano. Third row, L-R: Rose Hissom, Grant Schneider, Ethan Pillard, Ella Butzine, Megan Grambsch, Brendan McKenna, Brock Schneider. Top row, L-R: Coach Nathan Koerber, manager Tersony Vater, Head Coach Steve Lauber. (Missing from photo: Evelyn Schauer).


For the 11th year in a row, the Lakeside Lutheran High School Forensics team was awarded the Excellence in Speech Award for scoring in the top 5% among participating high schools at the 125th Wisconsin High School Forensic Association (WHSFA) State Festival, held virtually April 16-17.

Nineteen Lakeside students participated in ten different speaking categories. Although very different from performing live, this new experience gave all of the students an opportunity to develop new tools and skills in learning how to participate through a different forum. The Warrior competitors earned a total of six gold, 10 silver, and two bronze medals at State.

In judging, individual competitors receive a gold medal for a perfect score of 25, silver for a score of 23 or 24, a bronze for a score of 20-22 and a small bronze for lower scores. The whole team then receives points based on members’ individual scores, earning four points for each gold, three points for each silver, two points for each bronze and one point for each small bronze.

The six gold medal entries include Megan Jones, Johnson Creek (Demonstration); Ella Butzine, Sun Prairie (Impromptu); Douglas Weittenhiller III, DeForest (Informative); Logan Wensel, Johnson Creek (Moments in History); Austin Schwab, Fort Atkinson (Poetry); and Maria Vik, Fort Atkinson (Storytelling).

Silver medals were awarded to Rose Hissom, DeForest (Extemporaneous); Lydia Bilitz, Sun Prairie (Farrago); Brock Schneider, Jefferson (Moments in History); Ella DeNoyer, Sun Prairie, (Poetry); Megan Grambsch, Columbus (Prose); Greta Pingel, Sun Prairie (Poetry); (Prose) Matthea Lenz, Oconomowoc (Prose); Elsa Johansson, Columbus (Prose); Grant Schneider, Jefferson (Radio Speaking); and Ambria McCrary, Sun Prairie (Storytelling).

Ethan Pillard, Oconomowoc (Informative) and Kya Winger, Watertown (Poetry) were awarded bronze medals.

For more information about the WHSFA, visit For more information about Lakeside Lutheran High School, contact Principal Grasby at 920-648-2321 or visit the LLHS website at

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