COVID-19 concerns keeps Colonial Club closed until June 30

Colonial Club Director Bob Power said one of the biggest concern is the loneliness and isolation older adults are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic Safer at Home order. Bob, Melody, Gail, Todd, Laura & Jean celebrated May Day by popping 200 bags of fresh hot popcorn and delivering it to friends at Colonial View Apartments and Tallgrass Senior Living.

The Colonial Club will follow the Badger Bounce Back program as outlined by Gov. Tony Evers and remain closed to the general public through June 30 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We know people are disappointed with the continued closure, however, we are steadfast in our determination to keep our participants safe and free from a life threatening virus that has wreaked havoc on our country for the past few months,” Executive Director Bob Power said.

As the Centers for Disease Control outline in “Guidelines for Opening Up America Again”, those most vulnerable to COVID-19 are elderly individuals and people with underlying health conditions including high blood pressure, chronic lung disease, diabetes, obesity, asthma and those whose immune system is compromised.

Power said that the Colonial Club will continue to operate the adult day center on a limited basis, offer case management support and in-home care through the supportive home care program. The nutrition program will also continue to deliver nutritious, well-balanced meals to homebound individuals over the age of 60.

Power said one of the biggest concern is the loneliness and isolation older adults are facing at this time.

“Going into our third month of having older adults staying at home is taking its toll,” he said. “We have staff members who are in touch with our clients every week, checking in to make sure they are doing okay. It’s clear from those calls, people are hungry for human interaction.”

Power and his staff are drafting a slow and safe re-opening plan that will include offering certain appointments as early as June; offering special drive-thru or walk-up meals; offering a “pop by” drive thru/walk up popcorn sales; and offering programs that will give people a chance to communicate with other older adults.

Colonial Club’s largest fundraiser of the year, StrawberryFest is scheduled for Saturday, June 20 and Power said plans are being revised due to the pandemic.

“Clearly, we can’t have a large gathering on June 20,” Power said, “But we do plan to offer a drive thru system where customers can pick up fresh strawberries, as well as our popular strawberry shortcakes and our other favorite summer staple, fresh grilled brats.”

Power and his team are working with local officials to ensure all of this can be done in a safe manner.

“We want to open as much as the next guy, but our concern for the health and well being of those we serve is of paramount importance,” Power said. “With the majority of deaths occurring in people over the age of 60, we are just not willing to risk throwing our doors open. We appreciate everyone’s patience and support through these challenging times.”

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