Maybe you’ve been coasting through life getting things done, making some plans for the future, but at a slow, ever so slow pace.

Today, most of us are living with the impact of the coronavirus as the community impact has seeped into our everyday lives.

We’ve stocked up on food and supplies’ we’ve put together a home emergency kit, and we’ve made plans to self-quarantine at home.

So consider this—by definition we should have more time now than ever before to contemplate what we want out of life when COVID-19 is behind us.

Before now, maybe you’ve only set a low bar for future plans. But Chicago author, journaling and dream creation coach Judith Joy says now, while you’re in self-quarantine, it’s a good time to change that. Her book, Dear Future Lover –Bring Your Book Boyfriend to Life ( depicts her own journey to find the future she wanted- true love.

Creating your future

In her new book, she describes how she wrote letters in her journal to her future soulmate as if he already existed. Eventually, she put the journal away, but a year later, when she met her once imaginary partner, now her husband, she found the journal.

“The person I met and married was the same person I had described in my journal,” she said. “You can change the trajectory of what you expect and get in life by creating a map of your thoughts through journaling.”

Writing can help in stressful times, according to Joy.

“Journaling gives you a place to put your feelings, to examine your choices and see what is possible,” Joy added. “It keeps you focused on what you want, which lowers stress — that’s especially important during times of uncertainty.”

She began studying energy healing and consciousness transformation after experiencing recurring debilitating headaches. In her book and workshops, Joy helps people achieve their wishes and dreams by helping them create a pathway to their chosen desires and expanding their awareness of what the possibilities could be.

Joy points out, “All of life is about the energy and consciousness flow that helps us create what we desire,”

Focus on the future

It may be time to build a time machine into your future from your unique window on the world. It could be a great project for your kids, too.

If journaling sounds ‘old-school,’ think again. Journaling has plenty of benefits, especially when you’re social distancing and have more time than usual at home. You can use this time to manifest your desires. Journaling, she says is far more than hoping for what you want. “The way you feel is a magnet for what you attract. It’s called the Law of Attraction and when you shift how you feel you change your point of attraction.

“When you feel unhappy, you attract more unhappiness,” she explains. “When you feel healthy, vital and alive and prosperous—you attract more of all of those things”

Getting ready to write

Joy shares her ideas for how to start writing your future:

• First ask yourself, “If you have no limitations, what are all the possibilities you’d like to create?” she says.

• What dreams would you like to create now?

• What feeling will you have when your dream comes true and is a reality?

• What are you not at peace about?

• What helps you feel at peace?

• If you imagine the final scene of a movie and your dream is a reality, what do you think the viewer sees and feels?

• What feelings surprise you right now?

• What feelings would you like to feel in this moment?

• If there was no barrier to your dream becoming a reality, what does that feel like?

So start journaling and stay focused on what you truly desire. “During uncertain times journaling helps us focus on what we truly want to accomplish,” Joy said.

“It brings us into the moment and then the task is easier. Additionally, other possibilities to achieve your dream may pop into your awareness.”

Note: Before the impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Judith Joy was scheduled to give a presentation at the Sun Prairie Public Library in April. Watch for a future appearance date to be announced when the library reopens.

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