Teach an old - or young - dog new tricks

Make you and your dog happier by signing up for training classes at the Dane County Humane Society.

It doesn’t matter if you own a puppy or a larger adult dog, Dane County Humane Society dog training classes aim to strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

DCHS knows gaining your pet’s trust is the key to a long-lasting relationship. These courses will teach skills that will be useful to both you and your pet.

Online registration is required at www.giveshelter.org/dog-training

Virtual Workshop on Loose Leash Walking (begins May 12, dates available through Nov. 10)

This 90-minute virtual workshop and 30-minute private lesson will offer instruction on how to properly walk your dog with a leash so it is an enjoyable experience for you and the animal. Cost: $70.

The following courses are six weeks in length at a cost of $120

Puppy Preschool: Teach your puppy basic manners, and get tips on how to socialize with your pet as it begins its journey into your life. For puppies 8-16 weeks old at the start of class.

Canine Kindergarten: Teach your dog an assortment of manners that could be helpful for trips outside the house, and learn how to gain their focus to solidify the relationship with your pet. For dogs 17-24 weeks old.

Good Dog! Fundamentals: It’s not too late to teach your dog new skills and behavior patterns. Gain knowledge about how dogs learn and what expectations are reasonable. For dogs 20 weeks or older.

Good Dog! Intermediate: Train your dog on how to improve its behavior and be more attentive to your commands. Great for pets who appear to have selective hearing, difficulty paying attention or responsive only when you have treats. Only dogs who have been trained in Good Dog! Fundamentals may qualify for Good Dog! Intermediate.

Dane County Humane Society is celebrating its 100th year of helping people help animals. To learn more about pets for adoption, upcoming fundraising activities and other events, visit www.giveshelter.org

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