Kathy Simigleski’s garden at 1419 Buena Vista was selected as September Garden of the Month by the Sun Prairie Garden Club. Club President Diane Powelka said Kathy is one of those gardeners who has a variety of perennials for all seasons in her yard.

“Her back yard is full of flowers with a trail to follow through,” Powelka said. “She planted around 200 tulips so it would be fun to go back in the spring to see all those beautiful tulips.”

Powelka said the garden was picked for its variety of colors, grasses and large leaf hostas, beautiful sedums, black-eyed Susans and vibrant hydrangeas.

Here’s more from gardener Kathy Simigleski:

What is the history of your garden?

We had large maple trees. No grass would grow but it was perfect for hostas, ferns, Solomon seal, astilbe and more. Every year the lawn got smaller and the garden got bigger.

What flowers and plants are noteworthy in your garden?

I love Wisconsin natives. Cup plant, bee balm, columbine and grasses like blue stem, are some of the favorite, although I do love my hydrangeas, too.

What are your favorites?

Whatever is blooming this month is my favorite. Right now in September it is black-eyed Susans, coneflowers, lobelia, sedum, phlox and turtleheads.

What’s your gardening philosophy?

Gardening is the best therapy. Digging in the dirt always makes one feel better.

The Sun Prairie Garden Club is always looking for new members. For more information, contact Diane Powelka at jpowelka@chorus.net or 608-837-6308.

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