The Sun Prairie Garden Club picked Craig and Karen Bareis yard at 736 Hanley Drive as the Garden of the Month.

SPGC President Diane Powelka said the garden has amazing salmon colored poppies, something unique from the normal orange color.

“It is a very great garden with red, white, and blue theme,” Powelka said. “Drive by to see this amazing garden.”

Here’s what gardeners Craig and Karen Bareis have to say about their garden.

What is the history of your garden?

We have always tried to maintain a yard of colorful flowers, including many types of green plants and trees over the 33 years of this residence. Both of us keeping the tradition from childhood of yard beautification with parental and grandparent guidance.

What specific varieties of flowers and plants are noteworthy in your garden?

We usually stay with traditional varieties of flowers and greens. Some that require full sun, shade & sun, and just shade. Each year adding or changing flower kinds- including a variety of marigolds, pansies, peonies, poppies, mums, geraniums, sunflowers, zinnias, hostas, coleus, Iris, madinia, daisies and begonias.

What are your favorites? Why?

Geraniums: since our days of 4-H to the present, geraniums have always been our favorite. Keeping most of them potted, we store them over the winter months, cutting them back in late March and placing them under grow lights until late May. We focus on the following kinds; calliope (large red and medium white), Rocky mountain (dark red), and our newest calliope (large burgundy).

What’s your gardening philosophy?

To provide the opportunity for people to see the beauty of mother nature and appreciate the wonderful colors of flowers and greens. It reminds people how important mother nature really is in this world and most important-flowers put smiles on people’s faces!

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