If your goal is to try all of Crumbl Cookies flavors, you’ll need to put that first visit on repeat.

Owner Wes Henri admits that he hasn’t even tried all of them, but then that’s the point: new flavors are introduced each week and it’s the-roll-of-the-dice when they’ll appear again.

“You may love our Buckeye Brownie cookie this week, and then it may not be back for 4-5 months,” Henri says. “But next week’s flavors are so enticing that you want to come in and see what you like that week.”

Sun Prairie lucked out in getting the first Crumbl Cookie in Wisconsin last month. Henri opened a Madison Hilldale location this week, with spots in Delafield and Oak Creek to follow soon.

Judging by the cars parked outside and the lines weaving around the outdoor heaters, the Sun Prairie crowd are coveting these cookies.

To start off February, Churros, a warm cookie adorned with cinnamon sugar and buttercream, shared the spotlight with Circus Animal, Butterfinger, and Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies—along with the weekly regulars—the Milk Chocolate Chip cookie and the Chilled Sugar Cookie.

The www.crumblcookies.com website and social media lure people in every Sunday night, announcing the week’s upcoming flavors.

Part of the treat of visiting the 2808 Prairie Lakes Drive store is watching the cookies being made—it’s a cross between Santa’s workshop and Willa Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, as employees pull cookies out of the oven, frost, and present them to customers in the trademark pink Crumbl Cookies boxes.

Henri says the production line bakes over 190 cookies every 20 minutes. If the cookies aren’t served within a certain amount of time, they head off to local food pantries or go home with the more than 40 store employees.

Surprisingly in the frigid temps of a Wisconsin winter, Henri says the chilled cookies are popular in Sun Prairie. The cookies go through a double chill process, once before baking and again after frosting. Henri says that creates a dense, frosty goodness, that lends flavor to the Frozen Hot Chocolate Cookie and the chilled Cookies and Cream Milkshake Cookie.

The cookies are made up fresh at the Sun Prairie store with quality ingredients. Guittard chocolate supplies the chips.

“If we are going to make a gourmet cookie, we can’t skimp on the quality of ingredients,” Henri says.

Crumbl Cookies was launched in Logan, Utah in 2017 by two cousins, Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley. Using their A/B testing methodology, the duo offered free cookies to people at grocery stores and gas stations, to see what they liked best.

That continues today, Henri says, with new cookie flavors getting scrutinized by a focus group for taste, texture and appearance. The top scorers are recruited into the Crumbl Cookies line-up.

“It’s a very extensive process from developing the recipe to going out to see if it’s a cookie that customers will want,” says Henri, counting the Pop-Tart and Sour Patch Kids Kids cookies as some of his Crumbl favorites.

A single cookie goes for $3.48, a four-pack for $10.98, and the 12-count party box costs $27.58.

“If it is not the best cookie you’ve ever had,” Henri says. “I will find a cookie that will be the best cookie you ever had.”

Oversized and hefty, the Crumbl Cookies website says the treats are two servings. The website also have calorie counts, if you’re interested in knowing that kind of thing. Those choosing to have their cookie and eat it too, can slice it into fours with the Crumbl Cookies cutter or pick up a Crumbl sweatband from the company’s online swag shop and work it off in the gym.

Crumbl Cookies has proven to be pandemic-recession proof, Henri says, with the company opening more than 100 stores in 2020.

With the COVID-19 virus continuing, safety protocols are in place to keep customers and employees safe. Delivery and curbside pick-up are available for customers who don’t want to venture into the stores.

Henri, who runs the Wisconsin franchise with his general manager and fiancé, Court Hanks, says Sun Prairie is perfect for the state’s first location.

“We want to be in a community that had a tight-knit feel,” Henri says. “Where everyone knows everyone and we can give back and be engaged with the community.”

Crumbl Cookies, Henri says, is a perfect way to celebrate events big and small, or just a pick-me-up on a bad day. He says a cookie always lifts his spirits, and he’s betting it can do the same for others.

“I feel fortunate to be part of a business, that in a small way, can make someone’s day a little better.”

Crumbl Cookies, 2808 Prairie Lakes Drive, Sun Prairie (608) 912-0015 www.crumblcookies.com.

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