Sun Prairie’s newest gym, Camp Transformation, is letting its clients do the celebrating.

Dropping pounds and smiling, they show up on the business’s Facebook page each week.

Owner Lance Provo says their success shows it all.

The California-based national fitness franchise is known for its six-week weight loss challenge, with unlimited HIIT (High-intensity interval training) group workouts, a nutritional plan and emotional support.

Provo opened Wisconsin’s first Camp Transformation in Sun Prairie in January.

Challengers use Facebook to announce their health-boosting intentions and commit to monthly weigh-ins. Another “skin in the game” motivator is that successful clients can earn back some of their challenge fee.

Clients are urged to dig down deep to find out why they want to lose weight to keep them motivated for the six-week challenge. Some want to avoid weight-related medical issues or live long enough to see their kids graduate.

“We want people to succeed,” Provo said. “And if your ‘why’ isn’t strong enough, you probably won’t succeed in the program.”

The judgment-free gym philosophy aims to help improve health, fitness and attitude, Provo said, in a group class led by experienced instructors and buoyed by client camaraderie.

“It’s 100-percent all-group workouts because that gives people support,” Provo added. “They can empathize and motivate others because they understand what it takes to get in shape and be healthy.”

The 5,000 sq. ft. Camp Transformation gym at 1010 W. Main St. has a “club vibe” with a Sun Prairie-themed mural and graffiti on the walls. The gym transforms into a club with black lights, strobes and base-thumping music during some workouts. COVID-19 protocols are in place to keep gym-goers safe, with the new Public Health Madison Dane County (PHMDC) Order allowing gym capacity up to 75 percent.

Camp Transformation attracts a diverse clientele, Provo said, with ages ranging from 16 to 75 years old. Hispanic clients can also find a niche here: camp staff is bilingual and one of the national franchise’s founders is from Mexico. The other founder is a refugee from Iran who landed in America as a kid and became a chiropractor, fitness expert and entrepreneur.

Provo, a financial advisor, opened up Sun Prairie’s Camp Transformation to motivate people to achieve their health goals.

“When I was a financial advisor I showed people a path to financial wellness,” Provo said. “Now my passion is educating people on how fitness and nutrition can make them feel good and enjoy life.”

Provo, a Navy veteran, faced the same challenge six years ago when he tipped the scales at 285 pounds and was dealing with weight-related medical issues. Provo shares his story with others to help motivate them.

“I was a mess, and at that time I was a single dad, so I needed to be around for my kids, so that was my ‘why’,” Provo said. “I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle because I never want to go back to being that person.”

Now with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout going strong in Wisconsin, Provo said he sees more people coming back to the gym to drop their COVID weight gain or revive their fitness regimen.

Provo said Camp Transformation aims to set itself apart from others in the Sun Prairie Market with its attention to customers’ need.

“It may sound like a cliché, but the reason clients come here is our instructors and staff,” Provo said. “This is why we are here, to motivate people to live a better life.”

The gym and fitness business industry has had a tough time with COVID-19 restrictions on class sizes and operations, but Provo said a chance to help people reach their health and fitness goals is rewarding.

“Every time somebody comes in and shares their story with me that gives me the energy and drive to keep going,” Provo added. “I know that my staff and I are making a difference.”

Camp Transformation is located at 1010 W. Main St. Sun Prairie; for more information, call 608-208-3974 or .

Find more information at or on Facebook.

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