It’s almost fifty years old but the Colonial Club, tucked away in the city’s east side, may be Sun Prairie’s best-kept secret.

Nearly every day at the Blankenheim Lane facility, there’s free or low-cost activities and other resources for people 55 age and up.

Some already know the secret.

On Monday mornings Debbie Hosig and Terri Klubertanz take the Qi Gong class, moving slowly and concentrating on breath and body. Klubertanz likes it because it’s gentle and relaxing—the practice has taught her how to breathe.

“I didn’t realize until I took this class, that I was breathing incorrectly all my life,” Klubertanz says.

Hosig says the best part of Qi Gong, and other classes at the Colonial Club is that everyone is welcomed. And at $5, the Qi Gong class is very affordable.

“You don’t need to pay a lot of money—that’s really nice—and you can drop in as your schedule allows,” Hosig says.

Getting the word out about the Colonial Club is the prime focus these days. There’s a new website and the club is striving to reach out to more community members.

“We’ve been around for almost a half century but I think that we are the best-kept secret in Sun Prairie,” says Laura Jennings, Director of Support Service and Activities at the Colonial Club.

Jennings said there are also some misperceptions of the club. For one thing, it’s not a residential facility, no one lives there. And you don’t have to be a member to take part in the more than 25 ongoing programs and 40 adult education classes that attract many to the club.

“We have people in their mid-fifties and some in their early 100s—that’s a wide-age span and we have something for everyone,” Jennings says.

Jennings also likes to promote the Colonial Club as one of the funniest places in the city, with friendly people who enjoy life.

A conversational Spanish group recently headed over to Guimo’s restaurant to have dinner and try out their language skills and on another night some woodcraft-enthusiasts learned to carve with skill.

People can also sign up for trips to Lambeau Field or a Lake Geneva cruise.

Exercise classes, crafts, entertainment, and enrichment are also offered. People can stop by the club and use one of the dozens of computers and get technical help with their smart phones, tablets or other devices.

The Colonial Club has a daycare center to serve adults who are physically impaired or mentally confused and may need supervision.

Supportive home care, case management and other resources for aging adults are all part of Colonial Club services.

In the mood for some good food? Barbecue ribs, Swedish meatballs, taco salad, mashed potatoes and more are on the menu at the Colonial Club with noon meals at the Sun Prairie location and the Marshall Public Library. Meals can also be delivered to seniors in the community.

The Colonial Club is the place to be for those who need support in dealing with Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s/Dementia caregivers, visually impaired and veterans group.

Keeping all of this in motion requires dedicated staff and lots of volunteers, says Kim Peterson, Colonial Club’s Volunteer and Special Events Coordinator. There’s plenty of ways to help—delivering food, kitchen duties, or pitching in at a special event.

Deb Stoddard has been helping out in the Colonial Club office for five years, after she retired from her job at Oscar Mayer. She greets people, helps them sign up for programs and is constantly challenged by all the new stuff that comes up in the office. As a volunteer, she helps out people and has a lot of fun doing it.

“It’s the people at The Colonial Club that make my day,” Stoddard says.

Find out more about the Colonial Club at or call (608) 837-4611.

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